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Murder Exposure

We list three thrillers where the protagonist photographers chance upon murders and inevitably get entangled in the mucky plot.

Has it ever happened to you that while examining photos you have taken, you discover something unexpected?  Something that was not intended while taking the photo but turns up to be more interesting than the intended subject. Suddenly there is a new twist in the tale, which makes the story even better.When your camera makes a photo independent of you. Imagine discovering something bizarre or spooky. This phenomenon has been used as a plot point in these movies. Check out what happens.

REAR WINDOW (Dir: Alfred Hitchcock, Year: 1954)

In Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window, a wheelchair enabled voyeur played by James Stewart obsessively spies on his neighbors through the telephoto lens of his camera. His obsession leads him to a shocking revelation. He is convinced it is murder. But did it actually happen? Watch this thriller to find out.

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BLOW UP (Dir: Michelangelo Antonioni, Year: 1966)


Starring Michelangelo Antonioni & Carlo Ponti, this cult from the 60’s follows Thomas a fashion photographer whose life takes a dramatic turn as he discovers he accidentally captured a murder on film. A bizarre plot unfolds to solve the mystery.

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JAANE BHI DO YAARO (Dir: Kundan Shah, Year: 1983)


A newspaper advertisement for a photography contest catches the eye of two hustling photographers. They go out hunting for an award-winning photo, which they successfully find. While developing negatives in the darkroom they discover their lens had accidently captured a murder. The photo wins them no award but the discovery changes their life as they get entangled in unearthing the murder mystery. If you have not already, watch this Indian production again, this time as a photographer.

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