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Learning photography is a continuous journey. There's always something new to learn, inspiration to find, and things to explore. We want to help you learn as much as you can, so we've curated a list of top photography websites with educational and inspiring content.
General Digital Photography Resources
If you're looking to improve your photography skills, this is a great place to start. From photography techniques and tips, to experts insights and recommendations, you can find them all in these resources.
Shutterbug is a one-stop website for any kind of photographer. With up-to-date gear reviews, tutorials, and news, it's a valuable resource for photographers. Shutterbug often features photographers from around the globe and their works, which serves as a brilliant inspiration for other photographers who visit the website. You can also submit your photos for a chance to get featured in their 'Photo of the Day' or other thematic categories.
Photodoto firmly believes that there's always room for improvement in photography, regardless of your level. With the aim to inspire and help you improve your photography skills, Photodoto brings a lot of useful content that covers every aspect of photography. From gear explanation, shooting tricks and post-processing tutorials, to business guides for photographers, there's always something for anyone who has interest in photography, whether it's for a hobby or career.
The Phoblographer has the tagline ‘The Psychology of Creative Photography’, and they certainly stay true to it. The website has everything you need to know about photography, from gear reviews to latest news, the highlight is all the innovative tips and tricks to add creativity to photography. Simple and easy to follow, these articles are great resources to learn about creating authentic imagery.
Light Stalking is known for its high-quality articles that offer simple and easy tips for anyone who wants to learn about photography. Whether it’s a beginner who’s just starting or a pro looking to improve their skills, Light Stalking provide resources for photographers at any level.
Photography Concentrate is unlike any other resources. The founders, Rob and Lauren, understand the struggle that novice and professional photographers have, and this is reflected in their content. Fun, easy to digest, and informative, their articles are incredibly helpful for budding photographers.
As an online magazine, Contrastly provides extensive resources for photographers with practical tutorials and in-depth articles. Reading their guides is like having a personal mentor with you - it’s insightful, inspiring, and personal. For those who are looking to ace their editing game, Contrastly also provides collections of Lightroom presets and a Photoshop Action Bundle which you can purchase in their store.
Photography Business Resources
If you're an emerging or professional photographer who wants to make an income from your passion, these resources can help you learn the nitty-gritty of building and growing a profitable photography business.
Jasmine Star, a lawyer-turned-photographer, started her business doing wedding photography. Her success encouraged her to share her knowledge to help other photographers and entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Today, most of her content focuses on building and growing business, including marketing and branding; but you still can learn a lot from her photography articles and guides. Whether it's about business or photography, her content is always practical and insightful, as she draws from her own experiences.
Every photographer needs a mentor when they’re just starting out, and ShootZilla is exactly that. With practical tips and guides for photographers to grow their businesses, ShootZilla is the perfect resources for photographers who have just established their business and need guidance to grow and expand. Including a guide to start a photography business, brilliant marketing tips, and insights about effective photography workflows, it’s a complete package that any Photopreneur needs.
Phone Photography Resources
Phone photography has been getting increasingly popular in the recent years. With good techniques and creativity, it's not impossible to create photos that match the quality of those produced by DSLR camera. These resources focus on helping you do phone photography like a pro.
As reflected in the name, iPhone Photography School focuses on helping people to improve their photography using their iPhone. With tips, ideas, and insights from successful iPhone photographers, this website has been one of the most popular resources for mobile phone photography. The content is not exclusively for iPhone users, though. Many of the concepts and insights are applicable for photographers with any kind of camera phone.
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