About Photojaanic

Photojaanic is a part of NVI, which manufactured cameras and film from the 1980s. We’re a small team that started out of Goa and Singapore. Our production is in Goa and our team is distributed across seven (and counting) cities.

In 2012 one of our co-founders lost many of their family photos on their hard disk. When they later tried to print photobooks for a family holiday, they were frustrated that the entire experience was both expensive and difficult. We decided to build a service to help solve this, and help people keep what matters, in a manner that is simple, affordable, and fun. The word Photojaanic comes from Photo + Jaan (a Hindi term of affection meaning "darling").

If you’ve found Photojaanic useful in your life or have any suggestions, please share your experience with us at customercare@photojaanic.com