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Prints Online in India

Creating professional quality prints online has never been easier! Use Photojaanic to create gorgeous prints in just a few clicks.

Life is full of precious moments. On a lazy summer day, it’s a joy to just sit at home, flipping through old family photo albums, reminiscing, laughing at your funny clothes and hair - wondering what on earth were your parents thinking! You certainly don’t want to leave a hard drive behind for your children to reminisce about their precious childhood years.

Print and frame your photos online in India with Photojaanic. It’s easy, quick and completely hassle-free. Just upload photos from your device or your Facebook or Instagram accounts and make as many prints you'd like.

Choose from classic matte square prints or the traditional glossy 4x6 prints. All prints are printed with high-quality inks to make your photos look stunning and a joy to hold. You can use these prints to decorate your home, add a personal touch to your home or even gift something meaningful to show someone you love them!

You can even write a handwritten note about the place and time at the back of the print. For those of you who are professional photographers, this is a great way to grow your business and expand your photography services! You can upload your client's photographs and create customized photo prints just for them! We take care of the production to ensure you receive a high-quality print that does justice to your pictures. You can order prints online and ship them directly to the client to save time.

Mini Prints:

These small 3.3”x2.1” prints are great when you want to print hundreds of photos or have to choose photos for a project, vacation or wedding. They are extremely handy and cute and are the perfect fit for your scrapbook or travel diary. Printed on 300 gsm high-quality matte cards.

Square prints:

These 2.4”x2.4” and 4”x4” inch photo prints are a modern-day version of the vintage retro prints. Perfect for making an Instagram wall or preserving your travel, food, birthday and wedding pictures. They also make awesome birthday and valentine’s gifts.

Photo prints:

These glossy prints are available in various sizes and work well if you want to put the photos in an album later or just collect them.

Retro Prints:

Discover the power of a classic with these 3.5” x 4.2” prints. Printed on beautiful premium luster paper, they come in sets of 20 photo prints. You get a free display stand with each pack enabling you to showcase them in your home! Use the space at the bottom to add a fun quote and further personalize them for a meaningful gift for your partner or loved one.

Photo Strips:

Create personalized souvenirs, mementos, and bookmarks highlighting your fondest memories with these charming photo strips, available in sets of five.

Passport Prints:

With the Photojaanic app you can order a set of sixteen passport photographs in just a few clicks and get them delivered to your home.

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