11 Inspiring Indian Photography Communities to Follow

Inspiring Indian Photography Communities to Follow

For this World Photography Day, we thought we’d celebrate it with you by sharing our favorite Indian photography communities. These communities have been spreading the love of photography, bringing exposure to talented photographers, and inspiring creative souls to be unique and bold.

India Pictures

India Pictures are among the first Instagram communities of India, and within a few years, they have successfully built a base of passionate photographers. Their Instagram account is an endless source of inspiration, with photos mainly from places all over India, and a few from abroad as well. Beautifully curated, there’s always a twist that makes these photos look somehow whimsical, or at the very least, unique. The photos here really show that when done right, a simple photo can be incredibly enchanting. On top of curating high-quality images, India Pictures also curate interesting workshops, which are definitely worth taking.

Street Photography India

‘Let’s tell your stories’, the tagline says. And indeed, what stories they manage to tell with all these amazing photos. As the name suggests, the images here are the everyday scenes you’re likely to find in any corner of India. But while they capture the reality and normality of such scenes and places, there’s nothing banal about these images. All photos are captured brilliantly, so much so that while it shows the mundane activities on the streets in India, they also inspire us to see these things with a fresh point of view. Through the expressions and moments of spontaneity caught on camera, every picture here delivers stories beautifully.

Everyday Mumbai

Narrowing down the scope from India to a city, here we’ve got Everyday Mumbai, an Instagram account focusing on the social landscapes and daily lives of Mumbai. Although the photos here show the scenes inside this one city, it doesn’t make it any less interesting than any other community that curates photos from all over the country. Through their Instagram account, Everyday Mumbai takes their audience on an intriguing journey around the city, from the recycling plants inside the slums of Dharavi to the more highlighted places such as Global Vipassana Pagoda, be prepared to see the face of Mumbai unveiled in the truthful photographs.

Everyday Mumbai also brings attention and awareness to the current happenings in the city, like the silent march to demand quota in government jobs and education for the Maratha community, or garbage crises in Juhu and Girgaon Chowpatty beaches. Make sure you read the caption in each photo too, as each story and piece of news offer insights of Mumbai.


Indian. Photography shows many sides of India with its curated images. Scrolling through their feed is like perusing through a travel magazine, where dazzling landscapes, gorgeous architecture, and fascinating cultures are there for you to take travel inspiration from. Indian. Photography also organizes photo-walks around India, giving the chance for the people within the community to meet each other and share their passion and knowledge of photography. Whether you’re a beginner or professional, everyone with the love of photography is able to participate. Some of their most popular photo-walks are Jaipur, Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai photo-walks.

The Uncommon Box

If you’re looking for something out of the box, The Uncommon Box might be your cup of tea. With the purpose of creating a community of artists from all genres (photography, writing, illustration, foodies and styling, etc.), here you can find not just remarkable imagery, but also beautiful prose. The Uncommon Box is recently built, and their hard work to build the community and bring exposure to talented artists deserves a commendation!

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Photo Story By : GURU CHARAN @geosmin_photography The Gods of town… Curated by : @frameshade Selected by : @preetirc . On 24th June. @TheUncommonBox and @stories.of.kolkata collaborate to present their first ever InstaMeet at Baghbazar Ghat,at 3pm . Participants are requested to fill up the registration forms (link in bio) The walk shall begin from the Hanuman Mandir at Baghbazar. Be there! Save the Date . . . 👉 Follow us @theuncommonbox and hashtag us #theuncommonbox on us your uploads to be specially  featured on our community here and on Facebook Page . . . 👉 Our platform curates quality content from all genres of creativity – we invite writers, artists, fashion followers, stylists, photographers, performance artists, bloggers, lifestylists, – anyone with a passion for making their dreams come true. We are a forum sincerely dedicated to the promotion of all spheres of creativity. You can be a professional or an amateur – you can be anyone starting your hobby afresh! All that matters is your creative spark! So join us today and live the Uncommon life. . . #mysimpleclick #mypixeldiary #pursuitofportraits #earth_portraits #earthoutdoors #thevisualyatra #earthcapture #mypixeldiary #f4fofficial #travelrealindia #himgeo #wideangle #themoodoflife #fartoodope #usaprimeshot #hbouthere #exploreeverything #beautifuldestinations #heatercentral #transfer_visions #aov #indiamobileclick #themoodoflife #heatedtones #leagueoflenses #ig_underdogz #playoftones #tonebox . . .

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Photo Story By : UDAY DINKAR DESHMUKH @the_frame_creator Fresh Mornings Curated by : @frameshade Selected by : @_the_fading_soul_ Check out our website (link given in the bio) to stay updated with the latest features on artists from all genres from across the world. Follow – @Theuncommonbox Hashtag – #theuncommonbox . . . #indiapictures #streetphotography #streetphotographyofIndia #streetsofmaharashtra #mumbai_igers #itz_mumbai #instamaharashtra #shuttergraphy #mumbai_shuttergraphy #clickmumbai #photographers_of_india #seemumbai #streetphotographyindia #yourshot_india #_toi_ #myhallaphoto #_som_ #i_hobbygraphy #_instaindia_ #mumbai_uncensored #mumbailife #maharashta_ig #_soimumbai #NGTIndia #indianshutterbugs #discover_india  #indiaclicks #dslrofficial #bbctravel

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IndiaPhotoProject’s intention is ‘curating the best of India by Indian creators. The featured images give a representation of India with a touch of quirk and eccentricity, which results in a unique and amusing feed. IndiaPhotoProject features not only the images of India but also creative projects and fanciful imagery.

India Gram

India Gram’s vision is ‘to showcase the best of its people, heritage, culture, and vibrant history through the means of photography, words, and art.’ They aim to share moments of India’s life, from photographers and journalists all around the world. In the four years, it has been running, India Gram has collaborated with many renowned photographers, including Ami Vitale from National Geographic, and Chirag Wakaskar, a Mumbai based photojournalist. India Gram often holds contests in collaboration with various companies, so if you’re trying to get more exposure for your work, be sure to be a part of this community!

Streets of India

Founded by Dikshit Mundra and Rufus Reynolds, Streets of India displays photos both from the streets, and also outside. The range of various scenes from all over the country is impressive; Taj Mahal in the golden hour, a man walking on the street of Varanasi, or festival scenes from Maharashtra, Streets of India brings the diverse scenes of India for you to enjoy. If you’d like to get on the adventure, they regularly arrange short trips for travel enthusiasts throughout the years, so keep an eye on their Instagram handle!

Desi Diaries

Desi Diaries is all about connecting people with things they love. The community is dedicated to sharing information about the things happening in the city and connecting with the like-minded locals, to help people explore their cities. Their Instagram feed is a mix of photos of different kinds, such as stunning landscapes of India, street scenes, cheeky shots of animals, portraits, and mouth-watering dishes. All are a pleasure to look at!


Photofie provides a platform for photographers to showcase their work and the stories behind it. For emerging photographers, Photofie helps create opportunities to bring highlight to their work. Their photo contests – which are sponsored by famous brands and judged by renowned photographers – are held regularly. Winners of these contests will be given rewards and recognition. What makes it more fun, each of these contests has different themes. ‘All Things Indian’, ‘Dessert Photography’, and ‘Colors and Lights’ are only a few of their many contests. On their website, they mention that they love ‘stylish, smart, and elegant‘ clicks, so make sure your photo has those qualities for a chance of winning the contest!

Wanderers of India

If you want to have a wander around India but haven’t got the chance to do so, in the meantime, you can ‘travel’ through Wanderers of India’s Instagram account. This community aims to showcase India through the eyes (and lens) of the talented photographers in the community. From the crowded streets to the peaceful landscapes, every featured photo paints a glimpse of life in different places in India.

Do you know any other inspiring photography communities? Let us know in the comments below for future features and/or collaborations!


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