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How to Click Newborn Baby Photos?

Clicking newborn baby photos yourself is not so daunting as it seems, and if done right, you can get the most stunning pictures! To help you get inspired, here are some of our newborn baby photo shoot ideas :

Bringing a newborn baby home for the first time can be one of the most wonderful moments in any parent’s life, and the very first few weeks of the little toddler are precious and need to be preserved forever, because, let’s face it!

How to Click Newborn Baby Photos?

They grow up too fast. To get the best pictures, your best bet would be to hire a professional photographer. However, there are plenty of reasons that parents usually shy away from hiring a professional photographer, some of which can be health concerns, work schedule, finances, and so many other reasons.

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Thus, it is likely you may consider a DIY approach by conducting a newborn baby photoshoot at home. So here are a few newborn photoshoot ideas that you can carry out on your own:

1. Make sure the baby is safe

This should be the #1 priority of any parent when photographing a newborn. A newborn baby needs to be taken care of more delicately since their mind and body are still developing and adjusting to the new environment. Before you begin, make sure you are well informed about how a baby is carried or placed, and what support they will require.

If you are using a heavy DSLR camera and are shooting from above, make sure to place the strap around your neck. If you are still concerned about any risks, get an expert baby photographer to conduct the session instead.

2. Taking newborn photos in the first 2 weeks

Deciding on when to take your baby photos depends on what you are keen on capturing. If you want to capture the baby’s tiny and barely open eyes, wrinkly and delicate newborn skin, or their rosebud lips, your best bet is to click the baby’s pictures within the first 2 weeks.

If you are feeling like clicking photos of your baby before he or she leaves the hospital, try to get some clicks of the baby in various locations such as in mom’s arms or in the crib. If you need to add some natural lighting for your photos, you can open a window to allow some natural sunlight in the room, however, consult with a nurse or doctor before doing so, since the baby may be sensitive to light.

baby is sleeping

3. Keep it simple

The sweetest and best DIY newborn photos are the simplest ones. When conducting your newborn baby shoot, try to not move the baby or use different poses, click photos organically with natural poses of the baby.

When it comes to the baby’s clothing, put on a solid-colored wrap or an undershirt that snaps at the crotch or just a simple baby blanket. This will allow you to capture the cute and adorable details of your baby without overshadowing them with a funky costume.

4. Sleeping baby photos

To take the best photos of your baby, you want your baby to be calm and in a contented state. The easiest way to do this is to try using a baby sound machine that will help your baby feel relaxed, and ultimately fall asleep. You can even feed the baby right before the photo shoot.

A full belly will surely make them snooze off. Additionally, make sure the baby’s room is nice and toasty to add to the baby’s comfort. You can take the most angelic photos of your baby when they are asleep.

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5. Clean your camera lens and keep it steady

Clicking photos of the first few weeks of your baby is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and you would want your images to be perfect without any unwanted glare or marks. This is why you need to make sure that your camera lens is dust or smudge-free.

If you are using a DSLR camera, use an adjustable tripod to keep it steady. On the other hand, if you are using a smartphone, a simple trick would be to inhale and hold your breath. This will make your hands temporarily steady thus allowing you to take steady shots of your baby.

If you would like to quickly grasp a few technical and nitty-gritty details about pro photography: Read our photography guide for beginners.

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6. Take some sibling shots

For the newborn baby shoot, it can be great to include the toddler’s siblings too. This can be done by asking them to be seated on the bed with the baby in their arms. If the sibling is not old enough to carry the baby, place the baby beside them.

Give them some prompts to interact with the baby, such as telling them to touch the baby’s nose or asking them how they feel about their new sibling. This will allow you to get some natural reactions and adorable photo moments.

7. Don’t stop clicking

You may get a sense of worry that you didn’t get the right shot of your baby, or the pictures may not look good when viewed on a laptop or television screen.

In such cases, it can be a good idea to take plenty of pictures during the newborn baby photoshoot. Remember, there’s no such thing as ‘taking too many photos and when you look back on them, you will surely find the right shot of your baby.

8. Polish your photos

Found some spots on the baby’s photos that can use a little brushing up? Export your photos onto your laptop and edit them using photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop. You can easily crop, brighten, and colour adjust the photos as you see fit.

If you feel that this is too tedious, download a free photo editing app on your smartphone such as Snapseed which will allow you to edit your photos with a simple few clicks.

Feel like you are getting the hang of photographing your kids and want to dive a little deeper: Read our 5 Creative tips for better kids photography.

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No matter how your photos turn out, babies will always remain adorable, and taking photos of them is something that you will do for a long time to come. So go ahead and keep capturing those precious moments with your little toddler.

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