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Top 10 tips to get the best out of your wedding photographer
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Top 10 tips to get the best out of your wedding photographer

Long after your wedding flowers have wilted, your sweets has been eaten, your guests have departed and your venue has been swept clean, it will be your wedding photographs that will be there with you – the photographs that will help you to look back and remember the joy, the tears, the excitement and the emotions of one of the most special days of your life!

Having selected the right wedding photographer for your wedding is one of the key decisions that you have made while planning your wedding, after all it’s the event of your life that needs to be preserved forever.

But how do you make sure that you get the best out of your wedding photographer?. How he/she will bring that extra edge to one’s photography .There are some simple but effective ways which can ensure that caring about little things can make hell lot of a difference. Interestingly it does not require any extra spending.


We all know it at our heart and believe that we are hiring an artist and every wedding photographer has got his own style of capturing the weddings. It’s the inspiration which is attached to every artist no matter what the art form is. Most of the photographers look forward to go an extra edge and create something beautiful which will surpass their own previous work. Highlighting some of the essential areas that can be helpful to you.

1) Communication

One of the key areas which unintentionally lags is the communication between the couples and photographer. If you find that your photographer is available on email/phone whenever you need him/her, make sure you try to respond to his/her queries as well. Keeping the photographer informed is the key. He/She will always feel connected.

2) Events

Most of the photographers would like to look into the details and all the events that are required to be covered. If there is change in plan, do talk to your photographer. Don’t surprise or shock him/her with new revelations when they reach your city. He/She might feel cheated. You don’t want that “special” interest to fizz out.

3) Family and Friends Introduction

Introducing your wedding photographer to your family and friends helps create a special bond and also it would ensure that he won’t be left feeling lonely. This ensures a deeper understanding of the moments and people to be captured and you will not be disappointed of having missed to capture someone important to you.

4) Coordinator

Take help from your friends or cousins and assign the responsibility of interacting with the photographer. Delays in any weddings are inevitable no matter how immaculately the wedding has been planned. By doing so you are not only keeping the photographer informed but also helping him identify important people in your life jumping castles sydney.

5) Make unexpected free time

The enthusiasm and commitment of both the photographer and couple should be of the same level. Encourage the photographer to keep hanging around you so that any unexpected free time can be utilized to take some candid photo shots which sometimes can lead to some of the best pictures taken during the wedding.

6) Photography style

Depending upon his style of photography whether it’s candid, art form or traditional it’s always better to put across your preferences well in advance so that he would be able to capture your essence in most of the photographs.

7) Rituals

To make the story unfold naturally give the photographer a brief idea about your rituals well in advance. Ask him for any reference about similar weddings attended. This would not only make him confident but will help in focus to be at the right time and the right place during the function as timing matters a lot during your big day.

8) Accommodation

Ensure you provide a better accommodation and which is near the venue. This is actually good as it eliminates the need for managing the logistics and concentrates more on creative and artistic part of the wedding. This would be a win -win situation both for the photographer and you as you can get the photographer to cover moments and rituals held in early morning since he is accommodated close to the wedding venue.

9) Budget

Love and admiration for photography are key contributions in deciding the budget. Though you have finalized the budget with your photographer, there will be some aspects where you would have to spend a little more. Don’t hesitate to convey the message to your photographer that you would be willing to spend a little extra within your range.

10) Finalize

Go through the wedding photographer’s contract and deliverables carefully. Agree and convey upon all the items well in advance. Clarify all your doubts as (there is nothing like a silly question)!

Most importantly relax and enjoy your big day. ☺These are just little helpful tips to keep the photographer in a happy place in terms of his/her mind

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