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15 Splendid Wedding Photography Poses for Couples to cherish for a lifetime

The wedding day is the most special day of the bride and groom’s life and is likely going to be remembered with the help of some stunning photos that will be preserved for years to come. This is why it can often be nerve-wracking to think about wedding photography poses on top of all the other priorities of the wedding day. But worry not! Here are 15 of our top wedding photography poses for couples that you can use to add some magic to your wedding day photos.

1. The Bride and Groom First Look

First look couple wedding pose

The first look of the bride and groom is a special moment since it unfolds a few touching emotions and feelings about each other and their transition into marriage, and thus, the beauty of the moment needs to be captured candidly and with great detail by the photographer without a directed couple wedding pose. This can be added to some stunning photo frames after the wedding.

2. The Forehead Kiss

Forehead kiss couple wedding pose

A popular pose that is chosen by many brides and grooms since it is a photo that reflects the love and affection of the couple in the most elegant way possible. A small peck on the forehead is one of the most photogenic kisses and photographers usually ask for plenty of these sweet poses.

3. A Lovely Glance

Bride and groom romantic glance couple wedding pose

If the idea is to keep it simple yet romantic, then a bride and groom glance photo can be a worthy addition to your wedding photo book. It is a simple photo of the bride and groom romantically glancing at each other, but if clicked elegantly, can speak volumes about their love.

4. The Stroll

 Bride and groom strolling photography pose

If the wedding vows and rings have been exchanged, take a spontaneous stroll around the wedding venue. This will allow your photographer to capture some intimate moments between the couple. This type of wedding photography poses for couples usually works best outdoors.

5. Candid Laughter

 Bride and groom laughing at the beach couple wedding pose

Nothing does a photo better than candid laughter. So the bride and groom should crack up the mood by telling a few funny stories or instances that will not only make for great candid photography moments but also lighten the tension of the wedding preparation. This can also be a great addition to your retro print collection.

6. The Cake Cutting

Bride and groom cutting a wedding cake pose

One of the most iconic photos of any wedding. This photo can be taken either by direction from the photographer or just by simply being candid. Either way, it will surely make for a great wedding couple photo pose.

7. Picking Her Up

Groom picking up the bride wedding photography poses for couples

One of the most popular wedding couple photo poses that is always recommended by wedding photographers. They will usually find a nice spot that is bright and fits the idea and direct the bride and groom on the pose followed by taking pictures from various angles to perfectly capture the moment. A photo with this pose should be put as a wedding photo frame.

8. The Runaway Pose

Wedding couple running photo pose

If you are looking to add a little humour to your wedding photos then a running couple wedding pose can surely do the trick. It can be planned in a way where the couple runs towards the camera for the click. The photos of this pose will depict the couple’s escape into love in a fun and humorous way. If running may be inconvenient due to the location, then the bride and groom can pretend to run for the shot too.

9. Blessings from Parents

 Bride and groom being blessed by their parent's wedding pose

Culturally, receiving good wishes and blessings from parents is one of the most important moments during a wedding. This moment can be captured by the photographers candidly and will make for a great photo.

10. A Quirky Pose

Quirky wedding couple photo pose

This wedding couple photo pose is the simplest one since it can be completely funny and random. The bride and groom do not have to be perfect with a quirky pose, they just have to pose with something that just feels right at the moment.

11. The Wind-Blown Veil

A romantic bride’s veil photo pose

If it is a windy day, the photographers would want to take advantage of the bride’s veil as it swiftly flutters with the wind while the bride romantically hugs the groom. However, if it is simply a warm day with no wind, then your photographers can improvise by holding the veil up from a blind spot of the camera.

12. Poses from Favourite Movies

A couple wedding pose from a movie

This is a unique couple wedding pose for couples who love movies. The photographers can easily use the movie scene as a reference and organise the shoot accordingly.

13. Be Spontaneous

Couple outdoor wedding pose

The trick here is for the photographer to be patient and ready for the perfect moment that can be captured candidly. This does not mean that the photographer should uncomfortably follow the couple around waiting, but rather hone in on their skills on predicting the right moment that deserves to be captured. Candid and spontaneous moments, if captured on time, can make for some great wedding photographs.

14. A Wedding Swing Pose

Black and while couple wedding pose on a swing

Nothing says romance other than a pose on a wedding swing. A sweet hug, a romantic kiss, or the groom pushing the bride on the swing, there are several romantic moments that can be captured candidly and effortlessly by the photographer. A couple wedding pose can be a worthy addition to a photo collection that speaks the tale of your wedding.

15. Posing Inside the Car

Romantic couple wedding poses in a car

A great outro to the collection of wedding photos would be to take some pictures of the bride and groom getting into the car together. Moreover, if time permits, a few pictures can be snapped of them holding each other next to the car or saying their goodbyes to their parents and guests.

Planning your wedding day photo poses does not need to be convoluted. It should not be something that distracts the bride and groom from the special day. It is always a great idea to speak to your photographer well in advance to plan the photo session so that it does not disrupt the wedding day. If you have your own ideas, discuss them with your photographer and bring them into the creative process. And always make sure to leave room to improvise on poses and other details of the photography.

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