7 Tips for Throwing the Ultimate Themed Birthday Party for Your Child

Who doesn’t want their kid to have an amazing themed birthday? And of course, the go-to idea is to throw them a fantastic, best-day-ever, birthday party. Unfortunately, this comes with the added stress of actually planning a party. But hey, if you do it right you might just enjoy the whole process!

Now, one really fun way to make the party more personalized to your kid is to center it around a theme, i.e. have a themed birthday party! So here are 7 themed birthday party celebration ideas to help ease the stress of planning a themed birthday party for your child!

Brainstorm Themed Birthdays with Your Child

Children and parents in a themed birthday party

Since it’s a themed birthday party the first call to order is, of course, deciding a party theme. And since it’s a party for your child, it’s best to get their ideas in. Talk to your child about what they like. What’s their latest obsession? Is it princesses? Superheroes? Spongebob?

Ask them what they’d like and be their voice of reason. But as far as you can, let them have what they want. It’s their birthday after all.

On to the party planning…

So now that you’ve chosen a theme, let’s get to the birthday party theme ideas & planning. Here are a few basic tips to keep in mind!

Toys and birthday cake for themed birthday party

1. Settle on a Budget

Decide how much you’re willing to spend on your child’s themed birthday party beforehand. A specific amount for each department, like invites, food, decor, and presents. This will help add structure to your planning and save you a lot of unnecessary stress.

2. Design Your Party Invites

Once you’ve created your guest list, it’s time to make a birthday card online. If you have no clue how to do this, there are some fantastic party invite options you can choose from online. Some even print these and deliver them to you. So that’s one less thing to worry about! Be sure to connect your invites to your chosen theme.

3. Time for a Few Games

Children playing themed birthday party games

Now it’s time for the fun part – the games. Now you can choose classic party games with the added twist of your theme, or choose specific games that are already based on the theme you chose. It’s time to let your imagination run loose. For example, if you’ve got a Disney themed birthday party in mind and you are planning on playing a game of passing the parcel, you can simply use a Disney stuffed toy to pass around

At the same time, you could also print out little cards of Disney characters/ Superheroes and so on, and ask your party guests to guess which one is which.

4. There’s Always Room for Decor

The decor is what’s going to hold your theme together. You don’t want to announce your big superhero theme and have guests show up to the same old red balloons, right? That’s not going to work unless perhaps, the superhero you chose was the Flash and the red balloons had a little lightning bolt at the center. Now that’s a party.

If you are short of ideas for birthday party themes or you’re having trouble finding affordable decor, there are plenty of ways you can create your own awesome decor. Hint: YouTube is a great place to learn and get inspired with a new birthday party theme for kids.

Don’t forget that you can always decorate your walls with photos. Need ideas? Here are 21 best ideas for the wall hanging pictures.

5. Fitting Your Food into Your Theme

Now it ain’t a party unless there’s some good food to go around. The idea here is to have a variety of snacks with creative names that match your theme. Also, be sure to order a cake in a shape that relates to your party theme. Foods like cupcakes also make it really easy to incorporate your theme with minimal effort.

image76. Theme Appropriate Party Favours

Well, you don’t have to give your party guests birthday takeaways, but it’s always a lovely gesture. You can either design your own takeaways in the form of little magnets, notebooks, or any other item you fancy, or opt for pre-made gifts.

Designing your own is always a preferable option if you’ve got the time because it just seems so much more personal.

7. Do be sure to involve the birthday girl or boy!

Unless you’re dealing with a very young toddler or infant, or you’re planning a surprise, make sure you include the birthday boy or girl in the themed birthday party planning. Too many parents focus on what they want instead of centering the themed party around the needs of the child.

Follow these few tips, and your child is sure to have the time of their lives, just like you want them to!

Here Are a Few Themed Birthday Party Ideas to Inspire You

Are you finding it hard to settle on a single theme? Here are a few themed birthday party ideas that most kids go gaga for! Run them by your child and ask them which they would like.

Do it With Disney

image9Does your child live and breathe Minnie or Mickey Mouse? Do they binge-watch Disney movies all day? Does your baby girl fancy herself a princess? Then this theme is perfect for your child. If your child loves all things, Disney, you could make it a more generalised theme and include different characters in the mix, but if they like a specific show or cartoon, just narrow it down to something more specific.

For Your Super Kid

A superhero party is always so much fun! It gives kids the freedom to dress up as their favourite characters and run around the yard in capes. So bring in the Justice League, the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, or the X-Men together for one super party!

Putting the “Art” in Party

A themed birthday party doesn’t always have to be about a specific character or show. They can also be about hobbies. If your kid loves to paint, just let them enjoy a fun afternoon of all things art with all their little friends.

Get Baking!

A similar principle as the previous theme, but with cooking instead!

For the Love of Nature

If your kid just loves the outdoors, then why not have your themed birthday party outdoors as well? You could center the party around nature rambles, exploring a field, playing in the park and so much more!

The possibilities of nature are endless.

image3Want to design a special birthday card for your little sweetheart? Have a look at our stunning designs & order your very own.


Now that you’re well versed with the basics of party planning, it’s time to put those tips to good use! Go forth and create, decorate, and most importantly, celebrate a happy birthday with your child.

Want more birthday party theme ideas?

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