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6 Fun Things You Can Do with Photo Magnets

6 Fun Ideas You Can Do with Photo Magnets

Photo magnets are the new must-have items for those of you who enjoy documenting life’s joys and precious moments. Versatile and affordable, it’s no wonder that photo magnets are popular and much-loved. As the name suggests, they’re great to display your personal photos.

But lo and behold, there’s so much more you can do with photo magnets. With a little bit of creativity and fun, you can turn these magnets into keepsakes, gifts, or even your own products to sell.

Here are 6 ideas to get you started:

1. For the travelers: souvenir magnets

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Every place you visit has its own memory, and what better way to bring home these memories than with your own photos? Touristy souvenirs like postcards and magnets that are sold everywhere might tell something about a city or a place, but it doesn’t tell your own experience. Create photo magnets from your own holiday adventure, and stick them at home as beautiful displays of your photos, and also good keepsakes from all the travel that you’ve done.

Even better, these photo magnets can also double as souvenirs for your loved ones. Family members are always delighted to get something from your recent trip, mothers especially like to collect fridge magnets from their kids’ journeys. Choose iconic photos of the places you visit and give those as souvenirs to your friends and family. These souvenirs will win many hearts with their personal photos.

2. For the creative souls: artwork magnets

photo magnet ideas - photojaanic (10)Despite the name, photo magnets don’t have to be for photos exclusively. If you’re an illustrator, graphic designer, or a creative soul, photo magnets can be one way to display your work. Whether it’s a stand-alone art or a series, magnets are perfect to showcase your creation.

For newly established artists who want to sell their work as decorative products, artwork photo magnets is a great way to start. They’re affordable so your customers won’t feel reluctant to part with their money. As your work gets more recognition and attention, you can start looking to produce your art in a bigger medium, such as decor.

Tip: If you want to sell your art with photo magnets, create the photo magnets in bulk as the individual price will be much lower than when you buy just a few.

3. For the shutterbugs: photo magnets

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It’s quite obvious, isn’t it? But it really is important to cherish special moments like holidays, but everyday moments are equally precious. From meetups with friends, snaps of impromptu walks in the park, or even selfies with your loved ones, nothing is is too trivial to be preserved.

Creating photo magnets from your gallery is as easy as 1-2-3. Or if you’re an avid social media user, you can choose the photos directly from your Instagram or Facebook account. Stick it to the fridge at home, the school locker, or the filing cabinet in your office to display the magnets. If you’re feeling bold, you can paint a designated space with magnet paint so you have more space to play around with your magnet decor.

If there’s a special occasion or someone’s birthday coming up, just dig your gallery and create some magnets from the photos they’d want to remember!

4. For the word aficionados: quote magnets

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Words are indeed powerful. Whether in quotes, song lyrics, or poems, some of us like to see those words in print. If you’re not up for big pieces like wall art, these magnets are the perfect solution. These could also be the perfect personal gift for your loved ones.

Give your partner magnets with lyrics from songs that mean something to you both, and if you have a friend who needs some cheering up, magnets with motivational quotes can be the ideal gift. Have a friend who’s a poet? Make their day by sending these magnets with their own poems on it, and your gift will be treasured.

5. For the kids: painting magnets

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Kids are always surrounded by artwork. They come home from school bringing some, and they often have fun with crayons and paint in their playtime as well. Lots of these creations usually end up stored in the back of the drawer, or in the bin.

Creating photo magnets from these projects can be the easiest way to keep and display your kids’ artwork, and this can be a great way to encourage them to create more. Their artwork can also be a sweet gift from the kids for their parents and grandparents for any upcoming birthdays or occasions.

6. For professional photographers: thank-you magnets

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Something sincere like a small gesture goes a long way. Sending a photo magnet for your client as a thank-you token, for example, can help win your client’s heart (if you haven’t already). Choose the best photo of your client to be made into a magnet, and write a short thank-you note to go with it. Your clients will love the gesture as much as they love the photo magnets.

Start making your own photo magnets, either for you or for your loved ones! The more you make, the more you save.

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