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Where to Take Romantic Pictures on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, a yearly romantic occasion for you to spend time with the person you love. Whether you’re out on a dinner date, or on a romantic getaway, you’ll want to make sure that you’re capturing some beautiful moments with your special someone through photographs. If you’re planning to spend quality time with your date within the city, all you need is a little bit of creativity to make the day or night extra special!

If you’re planning to make it a fun night, consider a double date with another couple friend, the bonus point being you can ask them to take pictures for you and your date. Here are some ideas on where to go with your partner to capture some romantic Valentine’s Day pictures together.

Ideas for Romantic Pictures on Valentine:

Where to take romantic pictures for Valentine's day-park

Spend sweet moments in the park

There are parks in every city and they are all free, making it budget-friendly. Parks provide the perfect romantic setting with beautifully trimmed trees, flowers, sometimes there may be fountains around and even a little bit of adorable wildlife.

A park is calming as it allows you to relax and spend sweet moments with your date when you are at ease talking together on a park bench. For some parks, find the swings and playgrounds where both of you can let your inner child and playfulness come out. You can take cute shots of you and your date spending some quality time together through selfies or even through a mini camera stand.

Where to take romantic pictures for Valentine's day-photojaanic-Sunset-skyline

Watch a romantic sunset

There’s something about sitting and watching the sun fade away behind the skyline, and feeling the city grow quiet with your loved one in your arms. Pick a spot high up, like on a hill, where you have a clear view and it’s preferably not too crowded.

In planning for a romantic sunset, you’ll do some prep work beforehand and find out which small hill is best to climb. You’ll also want to ensure that the climb for the view is not too exhausting for either of you so that you don’t tire yourself out even before the data actually begins. We recommend getting there an hour before the sun sets so that you can cool down from the hike/walk, find a right spot where it’s quiet for both of you, and have plenty of time to take as many photos as you want to until you get the perfect shot.

Where to take romantic pictures for Valentine's day-infinity-pool

Relax and chill in an infinity pool

If you live in a big city like Singapore, you might opt for a staycation in a luxurious hotel that can give you access to an infinity pool right at the very top of the hotel. Whether it’s day or night, you’ll get to gaze down on the glittering city skyline of Singapore with your partner and spend some quality moments while relaxing and enjoying each other’s company.

Picture opportunities we recommend include taking a picture of each and also both of you sipping cocktails by the edge of the pool. Backshots of you gazing far away are quite popular, especially those that can capture the height of the pool in the sky and the depth of how high you are above the ground. Daytime pictures will be more impressive, and sunset pictures will have nice natural lighting with a warm setting while night pictures can offer an extra layer of intimacy. Just make sure you don’t lose your camera in the water.

Where to take romantic pictures for Valentine's day-Bridge-photojaanic

Stroll hand in hand on scenic bridges

Bridges are fascinating pieces of architecture, and their beauty and functionality could also serve as a great way to spend some quality time with your date. There are a few iconic and romantic bridges around the world such as the Pont des Arts in Paris or the Ponte Vecchio in Florence.

In Singapore, you have the Henderson Waves that are high up above overlooking the southern tips or if you want a place with colorful lighting, the Helix bridge near Marina Bay Sands also serves as a good walk. Lighting can prove to be a real challenge if you’re strolling along the bridge at night, so you might want to get nice shots earlier on in the day or find a nice lamp-post to provide ample lighting to capture your special moments.

Where to take romantic pictures for Valentine's day-Candlelight-dinner

Go for an intimate candlelight dinner

It may not the newest idea when it comes to dating but an intimate candlelight dinner is still a classic date guaranteed to make for a lovely time for you and your date. For a special event like Valentine’s day, you’ll want to pick a fine dining restaurant with a good setting, service, and atmosphere. At such moments, trying to take photos may prove to be a little challenging given the dark surroundings and some spots being lit by candlelight. As you go about figuring out where the best lighting is, our tip is that you should avoid using a flash so you don’t spoil the intimate setting with random bursts of white light. Candles and wine glasses at the right angles can also turn out to look great in photos.

Our tip: Have the waiter or waitress help you with the shot, they usually know where the best spots are to take a good, clear photo.

The above are just some locations and ideas for you to capture the beautiful moments with your special someone. There are certainly plenty more ideas and places that you can think of, perhaps where you both had your first date or a simple home-cooked meal for two at home. It doesn’t always have to be at a scenic location that you can take good pictures.

Regardless of where you are at, or what you are doing, we’re sure you will be able to take lovely pictures and preserve memories of your Valentine’s day together. If you already have a romantic couple of photos together, try our online photobook printing services. There is no doubt he/she will treasure this original gift for Valentine’s day.

In our next article, we will talk about how NOT to take couples photographs.

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