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Ultimate Guide to Mother’s Day Celebration 2021 There’s nothing quite like a mother’s love, is there?

The warmth, its unconditional existence, and its ability to make even the darkest of days, just a little brighter. It’s hard to consistently convey our appreciation for these wonderful and lovely women in our lives, that’s why it’s important that we give them a memorable and meaningful Mother’s Day celebration every single year!

But how did it all start?

Anna Jarvis is largely credited with having begun this annual tradition back in 1908, in the United States of America. Later on, as it caught on, it became a national holiday in 1914, and soon the rest of the world took it as an opportunity to honor, recognize and celebrate mothers all across the globe.

Today, Mother’s Day is celebrated almost universally, on the 9th of May 2021.

How to Have a Fantastic Mother’s Day Celebration

There are two parts to planning the ultimate Mother’s Day 2021 celebration. One is what you do, and the second is what you give.

Make this celebration by keeping a holiday for your mother. A day will be filled in her life when all the family members make Mother’s day interesting. Let’s start off by looking at some meaningful Mother’s Day activity ideas.

1. Fun Activities You Can Do with or for Mom

Most moms love to spend quality time with their kids. However, sometimes, it’s also nice for them to have some relaxing, alone time to themselves. Consider what you think your mom would prefer, and take your pick from this list!

2. A Mother’s Day Massage

Your mom’s a hard worker and deserves some time off to herself. Why not take her down to a nice spa, keep her smiling face like a cute and let her enjoy a relaxing massage all to herself? We’re sure she’ll appreciate the effort.

3. Day of Baking

Does mom love to bake? Does she wish you’d help her out in the kitchen more often? Get together some baking supplies and give her a day full of baking delicious treats with the family. This becomes an interesting way to make your motherhood day really special.

The post-baking sessions are bound to be fun too!

mother's day celebration

4. Mom’s Favorite Hobby

If your mom has a hobby she loves but rarely gets time to do, it’s time for you to allow her the time and space to do it in. Whether it’s painting, gardening, arts, and crafts or photography, plan a day full of activities involving the hobby she loves.

5. A Day in…

If your mom is stressed out with all the work she’s got, it’s time to give her a break. Offer to do all her chores and run all of her errands for the day, and just let her breathe.

Give her the freedom to sleep in, order take out, watch all the television she wants and enjoy a truly stress-free day at home.

6. A Week of Breakfasts in Bed

If you’re up to it, commit to giving your mom a week’s worth of breakfast in bed as a suprise. Not only will she enjoy a few extra hours of sleep, but she’ll be able to start off her day on a relaxed note.

mother's day 2020

Find out what her favorite foods are, and celebrate a whole mother’s week instead of a single Mom Day. If you have siblings, perhaps you can all take turns in cooking her something she loves.

7. An Outdoor Picnic

If mom’s a complete family person, with a love for the outdoors, she’s sure to appreciate a fun family picnic. Choose a spot she’ll love, get some delicious picnic food together, and plan a lovely day of outdoor fun for her.

If she likes hiking or walking, you could also plan the picnic around a nature ramble or similar adventure.  In this, you can create a lot of family photo ideas by clicking photos and a collection forever.

mother's day gift ideas

Tip: Create the best memories and preserve them for your Father’s day gift ideas.

8. A Surprise Road Trip

An impromptu road trip to a nearby hill station could also work just as well. Plan this out in advance with your family, and pack a separate bag for her. When Mother’s Day arrives, tell her you’re taking her out, and then drive off to your destination.

It’s a sneaky idea, but if she likes surprises, she’s sure to appreciate it!

Mother’s Day Gifts to Make Her Day

Now that you’ve planned out what you’re going to do, it’s time to decide what best photo gifts that represent your love for her.

Here are some Mother’s Day best-personalized gift ideas to inspire you!

Mother's Day Gift

1. A Book or a Kindle

If your mom loves to read, a book is the surest way to her heart. That being said, if you think she’d appreciate ebooks more, perhaps, you and your family can pitch in to get her a kindle.

About Mother's Day

2. Framed Faces

For a really meaningful gift, you can take an old photo of the two of you (or a new one), and frame it. It’s really easy to buy photo frames online, so it’s a convenient idea for those of us who don’t have the time to go gift shopping.

3. A Gift Card

If your mom’s hard to shop for, a gift card can be your best bet. All you have to do is narrow down a store she likes or find a shopping center with a lot of variety, and get her a gift card that fits your budget.

4. A French Press

Is your mom a coffee connoisseur? She’s sure to appreciate a good coffee maker or a French press. You can pair it with a personalized coffee mug, or a packet of freshly ground filter coffee to make it even more thoughtful.

5. A Walk Down Memory Lane

Another way to get your mom all happy and nostalgic is to make her a special photo book full of memories.

If you have access to her childhood photographs (hello Grandma!), you can create an entire photo story starting from her childhood right up to her favorite moments with you, and the rest of her family!

You can make a photo album online, and add fun captions to make it more special.

6. A Book Full of Mom’s Best Recipes

If your mom is a powerhouse of awesome recipes, it’s time to give her a cookbook of her own! However, you’re going to have to plan in advance for this one.

You’re going to have to take a picture, every time she cooks one of her world-famous dishes. Then you have to put together these photographs, and pair them with a short recipe. Once you have this, it’s easy to transform it into a photo books.

Mother's day celebrations

7. A Gift Hamper

Feel like you have too many ideas? No problem! Take all your little ideas and put them into a Mother’s Day gift hamper.

You could get a photo poster of the two of you, including some personalized goodies, and create a little basket of mom’s favorite things!

8. A Collage Full of Memories

Transform all your favorite photos of mom into a pretty collage. You can create a cute photo collage online, get it printed gift it to her as a standalone gift, or as an addition to her gift hamper.

Alternatively, you take mother and son photos, or mom and daughter photos and make it a collection of your moments together.

Mom’s Favorite Sayings

Every mom has a series of phrases she loves to repeat. Whether it’s “because I said so” or “when I was your age…” It would be fun to compile a list of her favorite sayings and gift it to her.

If your mom’s got a sense of humor, she’s bound to have a good laugh!

Personalize Her Day for the Ultimate Celebration!

The key behind a good Mom’s day celebration is personalization. Cater the day to her needs, not yours. Think about the things that make her uniquely her, and let that shine through your Mother’s Day gifts and activities.

Remember, the day’s about celebrating her, and her accomplishments. As long as that’s the theme you set out for, Mother’s Day 2021 is going to be a day to remember throughout her life!

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