Business Card Design Tips: 8 Things You Can Do to Get Noticed

Business cards … or Visiting cards

Do people still use them these days when everything can be done online?

The answer is a resounding yes.

Let’s Get Started…

Business cards could be the first impression of your brand, and ultimately, the representation of your work. As a direct marketing tool, they provide an opportunity for networking and business deals, and for business owners. A business card also provides legitimacy for their business.

Ordinary visiting card designs will only be seen once and then forgotten, and that’s not what you want for yours. You want business cards that are eye-catching and remarkable.

Here are the secrets of business card design to get you noticed.

1. Put your skills on paper

If you’re an artist, designer, or illustrator, make the most of business cards design by making it your mini portfolio that can showcase your work. Grab people’s attention, and pique their curiosity by giving them a sneak peek of your work. They’ll certainly want to check your website or social media channel to see more.

unique business card ideasImage source: The Doodle Liner

Maybe you can create some sort of a photo collage from your best works or companies you’ve partnered with.

2. Use bright colours to get attention

business card design tips - use bright colors to get attentionImage source: Reynolds and Reyner

This is a sure way to make sure your business card stands out. Pop some bright colours (or if you’re brave, neon colours) on your cards, and watch as eyes gravitate towards them.

These business cards for Waldo Trommler Paints company are good examples of mixing minimalist design and the right amount of neon colours, resulting in standout cards. They also put illustrated tools related to the company’s work, making it more remarkable.

Are black business cards a good idea? Not at all, but don’t you think they aren’t as remarkable as the bright ones. Now you know the answer.

Tip: If you’re going to use bright colours for your business card, stick to the maximum of 2 colours to avoid then looking cluttered.

3. How can you make your business card stand out? Show them what you do

Good business cards will tell people what you do at first glance. So if you can, incorporate that into your design. This sommelier uses actual wine and glass rim to stamp the cards, making it highly distinctive.

business card design tips - show what you can do

business card ideas 2Image source: Mylene Poisson Sommeliere

On the other hand, loot how this hairdresser created a brilliantly simple design that lets people know what he/she does upon receiving the cards.

unique business card ideas 4Image source: Pinterest

You can create a whole series of business tools where you can showcase your skills or products. Let’s say, a personalized business photo notepad will look awesome with your branding!

4. Stamp it!

business card design tips - stamp itImage source: Mordango

A stamp will, quite literally, put an exclusive mark on your cards. It’s such a simple and easy idea that will turn your business cards from ordinary to extraordinary. Even if the design is quite standard, a stamp will turn it around, make it special and look professional.

5. Be bold

business card design tips - be bold

Bold business cards are not for everyone. Some occupations need a clean design for their brand, but if yours value creativity and fun, choosing a bold design for your business cards might be perfect for you. Whether you play with the font, colour, shape, illustration, or something else entirely, bold business cards will surely steal the show.

6. Are double-sided business cards a good idea?

Go simple. This is quite contrary to the tips to go bold but works just as well in catching attention. When many people try to make the best of colours and shapes for their visiting card designs, the rarity of such simple cards will stand out.

It’s quite tricky to find the balance between being simple and still remarkable. A simple design has the risk of appearing as flat and boring, but the key is to incorporate unique elements into your design.

How can you be creative with the simple? Just make your card double-sided!business card design tips - go simple

Image source: Paula Lee Calligraphy

Take these cards, for example. Although they’re printed on humble brown paper with only 1 colour, the minimalist design is made striking by the unique illustration, and you can’t help but examine the details upon seeing it. These cards show that when done right, simple cards can be distinctive as well.

Just make a standard size simple visiting card design and you’ll feel the effect!

7. Play with the words

unique business card ideas 14Image source: Fancy

Good humour is always appreciated, and you can use that as your weapon to get you noticed. Obviously, this would only work for certain sectors and jobs, so make sure that this approach is appropriate for your potential clients/employers.

If you work in a sector or represent a brand that values creativity and innovation, this could be your chance to shine. This tip also works for jobs that can’t be translated into visuals and designs, like writing jobs.

Loosen up, let people get to know how cool you are!

8. Create something useful

unique business card ideas 12Image source: Cristina Pellicano

Many business cards end up in the trash bin after being glanced at for a few seconds. Such a shame, but that’s the reality. If you want to make sure your cards stick around for longer than that, the way to do it is to create something useful out of it. Whether you make them into bookmarks, coasters, or something else that is entirely out of the box, your cards will definitely have a longer life when they’re not mere business cards.

At Last…

Want to try these tips? Have a look at our range of business cards, where you can either choose from our elegant and creative pre-designed templates or upload your own design.

Something bright for your career awaits you! Get started with our custom stationery set.

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