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Scrapbook Albums: Your How-To Guide Online

Everything you need to know about how to make a scrapbook, whether it’s for yourself or someone else!

What is a scrapbook & should you make one?

A scrapbook is essentially a collection of your own little stories told through pictures, quotes, artwork, and little souvenirs that you stick into the pages of a book. You can find these scrapbooks online in India a lot.

Select your photos

If you’ve got the heart and mind of a dreamer, scrapbooking is probably something that interests you. The whole idea behind it is to enjoy the artistic process as much as the final work of art scrapbook online shopping India. Now, this is not to say that you need to be someone of immense artistic prowess to enjoy working on a scrapbook. Making one is incredibly simple and if you want to make one, odds are you can!

There are many scrapbooks online free templates, which you can create a stunning scrapbook online and can make a gift for yourself or for others on occasions for birthdays, anniversaries, gifts for girlfriends, or gifts for boyfriends.

However, if art itself isn’t something you particularly enjoy and you still want one, then perhaps you should consider making a substitute scrapbook online. For example, photo book print works in a similar way that scrapbooks do, in the sense that they serve as personalized books that tell a story.

If that old school style of paper, ink, and handmade art excites you, then don’t think twice about it. Unleash your inner romantic and create your own, handmade work of art for personalized scrapbook online India!

Favorite photos

Seeing that it is a form of personalized art, a scrapbook is what you make it. Have a gander at our short, simple guide that simply aims to answer any questions you may have along the way, and serve as that bit of artistic inspiring photobooks on the off chance you run short and make scrapbook online buy!

Pre-requisites: What you need to make a scrapbook

  1. Photographs

Some pretty pictures of fond memories are all you need to take you back in time.

Choose your photos

Now pictures themselves arrive in variations, so choose wisely! You could try a good old retro-pictures that allows you to scribble little notes below, or if your love for symmetry calls for a more classic squared print, then you could opt for those as well.

  1. Art Supplies

We’re talking glue, colored tape, paper, or parchment (if you’re feeling particularly nostalgic), pens, ink pens, and pencils. These are of course the absolute basics and you can feel free to throw in whatever you think you might need!

Bring in supplies

  1. Memorabilia

Ticket stubs, leaves, any old thing that is of any significance and can be stuck into your book. Let me reiterate that a scrapbook is whatever you want it to be, so you can get as creative (or outlandish) as you want! If you have a specific theme in mind, be sure to align your memorabilia with it.

  1. A book

Blank books to Scrapbooks

A no-brainer, obviously, but we like to cover all bases. You get tons of blank books that are specifically designed to be turned into scrapbooks.

However, you can also put together your own sheets of paper for a bit of messy, scrappy charm. Alternatively, journals and diaries with a solid cover would also work great.

Customized Scrapbooks

  1. About themes!

Birthday? Story? Or Sherlock-Esque mind palace. The world is your oyster & there is an infinite number of ways to create your metaphorical pearl.

If you plan on gifting a scrapbook, you should also consider how you would like to incorporate the personality of the person into the book itself. You could also consider making it an occasion (the reason behind the gift) centric theme.

Gifting your partner for twelve years? Make it about your time together. A birthday gift for your dad? Documentation of your favorite father-child days in scrapbook online shopping.

These scrapbook ideas give a lot of inspiration to make a wonderful scrapbook and hold the bonding of love.

Occasional themed

Making the most of what you have

So now that you’ve got a theme and your supplies in one place, you can go ahead and unleash all that creative energy into making beautiful scrapbook albums online.


  1. Add quotes:  If it’s a gift for someone who has a particularly interesting way with words you could even consider adding bits of wisdom and wit they’ve left you with over the years.
  1. The inside joke: Scrapbooks for other people, especially the document styled ones, require a personal touch, so what is more personal and heartfelt than an inside joke? Find a way to incorporate the things unique to your relationship in the book.
  1. Paper cut-outs: For that extra scrappy effect we spoke about earlier, consider adding paper cutouts into the book. You could also incorporate this when you feature quotes and captions or cut them out as speech bubbles.
  1. Ink and hand-lettering: Are you a hand lettering enthusiast? Well, it’s great if you are, but don’t fret if you aren’t. A few handwritten notes go a long way in adding a feel of authenticity and that final bit of flourish to what you’re trying to say.

Best Scrapbooks

And there you have it, our guide to making a scrapbook! We hope to have covered all of your questions, but if we haven’t, feel free to browse through our blog that covers ideas and themes for scrapbooks for more inspiration.

Easy Scrapbook Ideas for Beginners

In recent years, scrapbooks have become popular again, and it’s not hard to see why.

It’s where you can go all out with your creativity, and not just that, you get a keepsake full of precious memories at the end. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing your work turn into something beautiful scrapbook online to buy.

Whether you make it for yourself or for your loved one as a gift, the process of making a scrapbook online will be fun, guaranteed.

But where to start?

The best way is to start a handmade scrapbook or buy online with the photos you already have on your phone or laptop, and to help you, here are 7 scrapbook making online ideas to kickstart your project!

  1. Travel Scrapbooks online

Travel Scrapbooks

Image Source: Pinterest

A travel scrapbook is a great place to start, as you’re most likely to take tons of photos during your holidays.

From the stunning views and architecture you saw, delicious traditional dishes you tasted, to unique little things you discovered during your travel, it’s always worth writing things down so you won’t forget these experiences and the stories of your travel.

If you need a few tips on capturing great holiday shots, check out our tips for landscape photography and how to take pro-quality photos with just a smartphone camera.

Tip: add the little things from your travel to make it more fun. Postcards, train tickets, or even scraps of restaurant bill can be keepsakes, great additions to your scrapbook online order.

  1. Couple Scrapbooks

Couple memories

Image Source: Pinterest

Every couple’s story is unique, and their journey is always worth writing down and remembering. From the first meeting, the first date, first holiday, up to the point of where you are now, it’s always nice to look back at every milestone and see how far you’ve come.

A wife can give a scrapbook for a husband online or the husband can give an anniversary gift for wife a special scrapbook online.

Write down your memories along with each photo, and see how you have both grown together as a couple. This will be perfect for either a keepsake or a gift to your loved one. Couples do also make a handmade scrapbook online in India.

Tip: include the keepsakes you’ve collected through the years, from movie stubs, handwritten notes, cards, and personal things that mean something for both of you.

  1. Wedding Scrapbooks

Couple Love Photos

Image source: studiocalico.com

Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life, and of course, you’d want to keep the details of the day (and even the preparation) in your memory.

While a wedding album is great for wedding photos, a wedding scrapbook is where you keep everything else.

Wedding invitations, programs, place cards, ribbons, dried flowers, fabrics, confetti, napkins, everything goes.

You’ve spent months planning for the big day, and you’d want to save things from the day as keepsakes.
If you’re still planning your wedding, why not check out these retro print ideas for wedding props?

  1. Pregnancy Scrapbooks

Motherhood memories

Image Source: Pinterest

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey, and it can be hard for expecting mothers to keep up and remember the little things that happen throughout the whole 9 months.

The key is to take lots of pictures in photo collage ideas and write everything that you experience, from cravings, the first time the baby kicks, and the ups and downs of the journey. Ultrasound pictures, week-by-week bump pictures, baby shower photos, and bits and bobs from the nursery decoration can be included in the pregnancy scrapbook.

Further down the line, it will be fun to see how the bump grows and your preparation in welcoming the baby.

Tip: Document your pregnancy diligently, through photos and writing. Entering the third trimester, it would be worth it to have a maternity session with a professional photographer (check out the tips for beautiful maternity photography).

  1. Family Scrapbooks

Family Memories

Image Source: abeautifulmess.com

Family scrapbooks are probably the most popular kind out there. It’s a great way to collect family memories and write little anecdotes that could make them smile. It’s also a fun project to do with older kids to fill up their free time or summer holiday.

But what can you put into family scrapbooks?

Plenty! A few ideas:

  • Milestones: the first day of school, moving to a new house, baby’s first steps, anything goes.
  • Special occasions: birthdays, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, etc.
  • Everyday moments: goofy selfies, snippets of funny conversations, a snap of your baby who finally sleeps after an hour of crying, or kids’ projects around the house, these little moments matter.

Tip: Everyday moments are just as precious as special occasions. While special occasions are easier to remember and perhaps documented more often, little moments in our daily lives tend to be forgotten after a few weeks, or even days. So make more effort to capture these, and put them in the scrapbook!

  1. Friendship Scrapbooks

Friendship Goals

Image Source: Wen Yea

We share many things with good friends: adventures, secrets, and maybe dreams and ambitions for the future.

Good friends are always there for us through thick and thin, and through the years, you keep making memories.

Collect the photos and jot down the memories before you forget it! Make it more fun by doing it together with your friend, while reminiscing about those good old times.

If you don’t know where to start, you can check these scrapbooking tips for beginners.

  1. Christmas Scrapbooks

Christmas Scrapbook Ideas

Image source: simplestories.com

Christmas is coming, and why not start making a Christmas scrapbook? Whether you want to fill it with Christmas memories throughout the years, or you want to make one each year, it’s entirely up to you. It’s perfect to capture your family traditions and the joy of the holiday.

Start creating the scrapbook before Christmas, when you’re putting up the Christmas tree, prepping the house with Christmas decorations, or cooking for the big feast. Include your family Christmas cards in there, along with photos from the day, from the excitement when opening the presents, down to the details of the meal.

Tip: Other ideas for a Christmas scrapbook include the recipe of family’s favorite Christmas meal, kids’ letters to Santa, or family photos with matching Christmas jumpers. Decorate your scrapbook with scraps of tinsel and a sprinkle of glitter to make it more festive.

Bonus: How to Make A Scrapbook With Kids

Here at Photojaanic, we love documenting life’s best moments. From special occasions to things in daily life, it’s all worth remembering. Apart from photobooks, scrapbooks are our favorite keepsakes and are a great alternative for documenting precious moments. It’s easy and fun to make, especially with kids, and the results are always unique and personal.
We shared easy scrapbook ideas for beginners a while ago, and in this article, we’re going to share all the tips and tricks for how to make a scrapbook with kids.

What You Need to Make A Scrapbook

The great thing about scrapbooking is you can do whatever you like, with any materials you can find around the house. Even scrap papers or leftover wrapping paper can be used to create fun scrapbooks.

When you make a scrapbook with kids, there are a few materials that will make things easier (and a lot less messy!). Here are a few scrapbooking staples for your project:

A blank journal or album

There are lots of journals for scrapbooking that you can buy online, and this really saves a lot of time when you make a scrapbook. Of course, if you’re up for it, you can create it from scratch with pieces of paper. But having a ready-made journal means one less thing to do, especially if you’re busy.

Retro prints

Retro prints are our favorite for scrapbooks, as you have space on each photo to scribble little notes. But equally great are square prints and mini prints – their sizes are perfect for your scrapbook pages!

how to make a scrapbook with kids - Photojaanic (4)Image credit: Baers Garten

Washi tapes

Washi tapes are the next best thing for your scrapbook project. Glue can be messy and inconvenient at times, especially with little kids. So here come washi tapes to save the day! Buy washi tapes with different patterns, and you’re good to go.

Personalised stickers

It’s no secret that kids love stickers, and personalised stickers are great to keep them excited and engaged. As a bonus, your scrapbook will be a lot more personalised and unique!

You can create your own personalised stickers with Photojaanic, and use the leftovers for other art projects with your kids.

how to make a scrapbook with kids - Photojaanic (1)

Image credit: Jenny Aponte

Scrapbook kits

These kits make decorating scrapbooks so much easier, and a lot more fun. You can find these in craft stores, and they’re usually made with a specific theme for each kit. The bits and pieces of accessories are ready to use when you want to decorate your scrapbook.

These are the scrapbook essentials when you’re doing it with kids, but you’re welcome to use anything you have! Postcards from your travel, museum tickets from day trips with your kids, or even kid’s drawings and paintings are always good to add personal bits to your scrapbook.

How to make a scrapbook with kids

1. Select the theme

how to make a scrapbook with kids - Photojaanic (5)

Image credit: Priti Kedia Meghani

We shared a few scrapbook ideas, but if you want some ideas to specifically involve your kids, you can get started with one of these:

  • Family holiday or day trip
  • Your kid’s first year at school – complete with the photo from the first day, a few photos of their artworks, and other milestones and memories along the way
  • Your kid’s birthday
  • Family’s special occasion(s)
  • Family traditions
  • ‘My Life’ – everything about your kid from when they were born until now. Share the stories and anecdotes of their life while making the scrapbook.

2. Choose and print the photos

Once you’ve selected the theme, go through your photos to pick the ones you want to print for the scrapbook. You can print with the Photojaanic app or on the Photojaanic website for the easiest option. All you need to do is upload your photos, and they will be delivered to your door.

3. Arrange the photos and keepsakes

how to make a scrapbook with kids - Photojaanic (3)

Image credits: Peace love organic mom

The photos are the main star in your scrapbook. You can arrange it chronologically, or do it freestyle! Add the keepsakes alongside the photos (like postcards, tickets, etc.) Use different washi tapes to stick them to the pages.

4. Add little notes

Little notes are equally important. Scribble specific memories or details like dates and places to complete the story. They don’t have to belong, just enough to help you remember the most important bits of each photo or moment.

5. Decorate

how to make a scrapbook with kids - Photojaanic (6)

Image Credits: Natalie Dill

Once you’re done with the main job, it’s time to decorate! Use the bits and pieces from your scrapbook kits, along with the stickers and other accessories you have. Let the kids have fun with crayons, markers, and stamps

We hope these ideas can help you kickstart a fun scrapbook project with your little ones!

Make your own Scrapbook now

Scrapbook making online wouldn’t be complete without photo prints on the pages. We’d love to help you print your photos and start creating a scrapbook online to keep what matters, so check out the Photojaanic website to print your photos for scrapbook online India.

Happy scrapbooking!

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